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Terms And Conditions

<< back1. The SCHEDULING FEE  is due when an order is placed with Auto Transport by Bullseye some extenuating circumstances may apply. Auto Transport by Bullseye excepts Visa, Master Card  or  check by phone or fax.  In order to not delay vehicle transport Scheduling Fee must be received prior to your car being dispatched to a transporter.  The balance due is paid C.O.D. (cash, cashiers check, or Certified Funds)  upon the delivery of your vehicle unless other arrangements are made in advance.  If you must pay your entire transport by credit card there will be a $200.00 administrative fee for processing.  These fees will be in addition to any and all quotes / and or rate.

$25.00 returned check fee will be charged for NSF

2.  All dates that are given are an approximation. Auto Transport by Bullseye can not guarantee exact dates when your vehicle will be picked up or delivered.  There are many factors that affect the pick-up and delivery dates (weather, traffic, maintenance, customer delays, etc.).  If for some reason, we are unable to  locate a carrier for your vehicle transport  within 30 days of your first available date  Auto Transport by Bullseye will refund your Scheduling Fee in full.  Cancellations prior to the 30 day allowance, will incur a $50.00 cancellation fee per vehicle and will be withheld from your deposit, the balance will be refunded.

3. $150.00 fee is applied to all vehicles that are non-operational.  This fee is included in the price when the non-running vehicle indicator has been selected.  If by any chance, the vehicle is non-operational at the time of pick-up and was not specified, additional fees may be applied.  This also applies to the type of vehicle selected should it not match the one that was specified in your booking, ADDITIONAL FEES MAY BE APPLIED.  Please confirm all orders with Auto Transport by Bullseye @ 530-410-1574

4. Once a carrier has been assigned the SCHEDULING FEE will no longer be refundable, as we have fulfilled out obligation of the transportation.  Extenuation circumstances for refund may apply on a case-by-case basis.  If the carrier arrives for pick up and the vehicle/vehicles are either not available or will not be released, a RESCHEDULING FEE will be charged per vehicle in the amount of $250.00

5. Auto Transport by Bullseye nor the carrier are responsible for any personal goods placed in the vehicle.

6. The carriers contracted for transport are fully insured.  In case of damage, all monies owed for the transport must be paid to initiate your claim.  The carrier is responsible for the vehicle while the vehicle is in their possession.  AUTO TRANSPORT BY BULLSEYE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE DONE TO THE VEHICLE.  Any insurance claims should be filed with the carrier's insurance company.  Usually carrier insurance does not cover any "Act of God"  damages.  Each claim is different and should be taken care of with the carriers insurance. Please contact  Auto Transport by Bullseye in the event of any damage or claim.  By signing the inspection report without any notation of damage verifies that you the customer or your agent has received their vehicle in good order and relieves the carrier and Auto Transport by Bullseye of any further responsibility.

7. The transportation of your vehicle is door to door with exception to location accessibility in which case carrier will make prior arrangements with customer in advance to set up an alternate location (Gas station, grocery store, ect.).  Typically carriers will call 2-12 hours prior to pick up / delivery.  Customers are responsible for preparation of their vehicle.  Auto Transport by Bullseye nor the assigned carrier will be held responsible for any item or parts falling off of your vehicle during transport.  The vehicle should be shipped with 1/4 tank of fuel or less.

There should be a pick-up and delivery inspection done by both the carrier and the responsible party for the vehicle.  The carrier will have an inspection sheet that they will have you sign.  At that time, you should do the inspection along with the carrier.  No one is responsible for damages not noted on a poorly reviewed delivery receipt.  These results are considered final upon signature by federal law.  Make sure and inspect vehicle carefully to avoid issues.

9. Auto Transport by Bullseye is an agent for you the customer.
 We arrange for the transportation of your vehicle (WE do not physically move your vehicle) by finding an appropriate carrier.  Auto Transport by Bullseye isn't responsible for rental car fees on any kind.

10. The customer agrees that the information given to Auto Transport by Bullseye is correct to their
knowledge, and any information not provided 
that will have an effect on the transportation will result in additional fees.